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First ever Yiquan San Shou competitions


A lot of people, when they see for example this clip, they think that this stuff is total shit...
I just received such a private message:

"I love Yiquan and I respect to master Yao Chengguang, but these two warriors are not a good example of what I would get developed yiquan.
I preferd make this opinion privated, because i understand that we are yiquan brothers, so i try to not offend."

Recently I wrote several posts trying to make people understand better. If you have not checked it yet, please read carefully:

Still a lot of people are not able to understand... Their thinking framework is kind of limited by perspectives of fighting taken from elswhere (other sports formats) or in some cases are completely illussory.

Some had already chance to check their ideas of fighting against yiquan, inlcuding against Bu Yi, who is fighting in this clip. The illusions disappear immediately. It's a pity, that wushu association in China didn't allow organizing next yiquan san shou competitions after that one in 1998. Many more people would have chance to come and start understanding how wrong their ideas were. Let's hope that the small event in Handan in October this year will finally be start of something more frequent.

And for sure there will be a lot of opportunity in Europe, when within YIQUAN.COmpetitions group we will develop not only Easy Fighting, which already started 2 years ago, but also Stand-up Challenge tournaments and later Stand-up Elite professional championships.

But we need some more inteligent people, at the same time young and fit, to train seriously in order to compete regularly and became proficient fighters in this format, which represents actual yiquan fighting character and not something being framed into thinking fostered by existing sports formats, which were developed for completely different reasons or something illussory because of lack of practical experience.

We also need not necessarrily young and fit for full contact competition, but intelligent enough to appreciate yiquan, who would become instructors and coaches of yiquan fighters teams.

Shortly, I point out once more: this is not about "duel" mode of fighting, but "battle" mode of fighting. Come to competitions based on this concept, and you will start see your illusions.

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